I enjoy teaching and learning through teaching. I offer lessons on a wide-range of music and technology related topics:

  • Intro to music theory.
  • Guitar - Basic to Advanced.
  • Microphone Concepts - Selection, Placement, Techniques.
  • Digital Audio - Basic Concepts, Computer setup and maintenance, work flow, data integrity, hardware setup.
  • Studio Production - Mixing, Mastering, Sampling, Composing, Arranging.
  • Stage Production - Stage Plots, Gear Selection, Lighting, Live Arrangements, Live sets using digital audio.


I love music and I love technology - combining the two together has always been my favorite puzzle to solve. When I started singing in a Boy choir at age 7, I was also using the family answering machine to record myself. That turned into playing guitar and using cassette tapes and a small microphone.

Eventually, it lead me to Western Michigan University where I studied audio production. That education, together with a major in Marketing and my continual desire to learn, brought me to a job at one of the world's most well respected audio manufacturer, Shure. There, I worked on the product teams to help pioneer some of Shure's first USB microphones and audio interfaces. 

After a few years, I felt I had learned so much about production, both in the studio and for the stage, I left Chicago for San Francisco to focus on musical composition and continued exploration with sound and audio technology. I continue that work in my project studio.